Dogs provide unconditional love, protection and loyalty. At Devine Feed we believe it’s our job to return the favor by providing them with products & nutrition that will promote health & longevity for years to come!

Good nutrition is the building block for health and at Devine Feed & Pet we offer a large variety of all natural dog foods from trusted manufacturers. With Grain, Grain-Free , Limited Ingredient, Hypo-allergenic – our options are varied.

Every dog is different - so we DON’T take a one size fits all approach to nutrition. There are many great dog foods available and we have lots of quality options available.

Pet food specialists on our staff are here to help! By asking specific questions about your dog we are then able to give you options that will be best for your dog. ALL of our foods are 100% satisfaction guaranteed , so you can feel comfortable trying a new brand. Our nutritional advice is based on scientific facts – NOT the current fad.

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Is your dog suffering from chronic ear infections? Hot Spots? Itchy Skin? Chewing their paws? These are all signs of possible allergies – food based or seasonal. Often we can solve these ailments by simply switching food ! In addition we have effective sprays & shampoos and supplements for quick relief.

Treats & Chews
– Reward your friend with tasty but healthy treats! Brands we carry are USA sourced, from trusted suppliers. Satisfy your dog’s need to chew with strong, safe chews in all shapes and sizes. Our most popular are Elk Antlers, Yak Chews, Filled Beef Bones and No-hides! Shop Dog Treats at Devine Feed & Pet

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Toys – Play time with toys is beneficial for your dogs mind & body! Toys help provide exercise, reduce anxiety and boredom – and strengthen the human-dog bond. From big to teenie with have toys for all sizes!

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