Questions on raising chickens? Our experienced staff can answer your questions and give you real life advice! A backyard flock of layer hens has loads of benefits – foremost providing you with fresh, delicious eggs. Backyard poultry are “pets with benefits’ – they provide food, help the soil and provide entertainment all while promoting self-sufficiency.

The educational value for children is twofold – learning where food comes from and animal husbandry. Kids will soon have their favorite chicken that they spoil.

Nutrition – Strong chicks equal healthy hens. We follow Purina Mills Flock Strong TM Feeding program to give layer chicks the best nutrition from day 1 thru laying.

Raising Chicks 101 Information


Layena is our #1 selling chicken food – If you want the best egg production in your backyard flock - feed Layena!


Supplies – Feeders, waterers, supplements, Chicken coops, - we have all you need for your flock!

For a great resource for learning more about raising chickens visit purinamills.com/chicken-feed.