Rabbits and Other Small Animals

Rabbits are one of our favorite pets because they care relatively easy to care for and have fun personalities. Folks are often surprised how interactive and attention loving rabbits are! 

Once you visit our store you will soon see that we LOVE our buns! We have a variety of rabbit mascots at our store – Oliver, Stitch and Thor – that love getting attention from our customers. Come on in and visit them!

Food – Oxbow, Sweet Meadow, Sunseed and Fiesta - Purina Rabbit Chow 25 & 50lbs 

Hay - Sweet Meadow, Oxbow and Timothy hay by the bale 

Bedding – Carefresh & other paper litters, Pine Pellet , Pine Shavings

Any item you put in the cage is part of your rabbit's “things” which they can be very possessive and quirky with. Just like people every rabbit has its likes & dislikes from the treats you give it to what house it sleeps in. We stock a great selection of treats & toys & cage accessories so you can discover your bun’s tastes! 

Rabbit safe chews & toys are important for your rabbit’s dental health and MENTAL health. Mix it up with a variety to keep your furball from getting bored

stitch and thor